7 magical fly fishing destinations in Slovenia – part 1

Slovenia is a worldly renowned fly fishing destination because of its marble trout and the river it lives in. However most of the fly fishermen that come to visit our beautiful country don’t know that it hides an abundance of beautiful rivers and creeks, full of wild fish. You can fly fish for gorgeous brown and marble trouts, its hybrids, graylings, rainbow trouts and many cyprinid species: chubs, barbels, nases, etc. all over the country and what is even better, you can get all information and buy your fishing licence at www.ribiskekarte.si in 7 different languages. The text that follows was provided by experienced, local fishermen who described 7 beautiful fly fishing destinations from different parts of the country that are more hidden and not pressured by the masses, but still worth of your visit.

The river Tržiška Bistrica

Tržiška Bistrica is a beautiful alpine river which upper reach runs as a larger creek over rocks and boulders, but after a few kilometers of canyon extends in a typical crystal alpine river. In the upper parts the river is inhabited by wild brown and rainbow trouts. These are present in large numbers. In its middle part the river is regulated by numerous river dams. Like in the upper part, the middle is also inhabited by brown and rainbow trouts, which are much larger due to a lot more food. Here the brown trouts reach impressive sizes, up to 75 cm! In the lower parts of the Tržiška Bistrica (up to the estuary of the River Sava) we can find mostly rainbow trouts, including some trophy size ones, which usually come during spawning time. The river Tržiška Bistrica is an interesting place for experienced anglers, beginners and also for “fishing philosophers”.

Daily licence: 25€

Gašper Konkolič

The river Iška

In the vicinity of Ljubljana, more exactly on the southern edge of Ljubljana Marshes, we can find river Iška. This is a great little river of torrential character. Special feature of the Iška is her gorge, which will fascinate you with picturesque, unspoiled nature, crystal clear water that you can drink, wonderful pools and cascades, where timid wild brook and rainbow trouts hide. The best time to fish in the Iška is in the spring and fall when the water flow rate varies between 0.5 and 1.5 m³/s. During the summer (especially on weekends), the Iška gorge can have quite a lot of visitors, so I recommend fishing in early morning or late evening hours. Above all, take your time so you can discover peace in every corner of this hidden jewel. In addition to the fly fishing experience, enjoy the environment in which you will find yourself. It is also noteworthy that a large part of its fishing ground is located in bear area, so be careful.

Daily licence: 15€

Uroš Kristan



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