7 magical fly fishing destinations in Slovenia – part 2

The rivers Bistra and Ljubija

The Bistra and the Ljubija are typical karst streams with natural, crystal clear water which are slowly flowing from bend to bend. Both of them are slowly meandering by the outskirts of Ljubljana Marshes until they spill into the Ljubljanica. The Ljubija springs near Verd (Vrhnika), while the Bistra sources in the city next to the famous Carthusian monastery. Despite its short riverbed, the river is still a hidden jewel. Fly fishing in these rivers is certainly not one of the easier ones, but a fisherman with patience and some knowledge will be richly rewarded. Due to the configuration of the channel fish are in excellent conditions and can grow to trophy sizes. Both rivers are dominated by beautiful brown trouts, graylings and rare wild rainbow trouts. In the spring, when the fish are hungry, they will gladly take more snacks, however from the late spring until the autumn the conditions are very suitable for graylings, which will catch on both dry fly and nymph. The best time for trophy brown trouts comes in late autumn, when the trouts are preparing to spawn.

Daily licence: around 30 -35€ (for both rivers)

Uroš Kristan

The river Vipava

The river Vipava is a great destination for experienced and persistent fishermen. The fly fishing areas are easily accessible, due to large number of dirt roads. Its inhabitants are marble trouts, brown trouts, their hybrids, graylings and rainbow trouts, but you can also fly fish for some cyprinid species such as chubs, barbels, nases. Salmonids colonize the entire flow of the river Vipava. Their average size ranges between 30-50cm. Trophy marble trouts are hiding in deep pools where they find their hiding place between the holes, stones and riparian vegetation. The Vipava requires cautious approach and use of natural colored flies. When the season approaches the summer, the fish become more cautious, so our flies need to be smaller and tippets thinner. Graylings are easiest to catch in areas with rapid water, which are in abundance. The most favorable water levels for fly fishing are between 3 and 7 m³/s. When you fish for trophy marble trouts, use streamers. The best days for fly fishing are the days without north wind (bora).

Daily licence: 20€

The river Reka

The river Reka is a typical karst river, which disappears after 54 km in the world-famous caves Škocjanske jame. On its way it often changes the characteristics of the flow as a result of a number of tributaries and exchanges of pools and rapids, to which we could add a number of dams and barriers that were built during the mills and sawmills period. Its banks are covered with dense vegetation, which in most cases doesn’t interfere with fishing. In it we can fly fish for a number of species: the marble and brown trout and its hybrids, barbels, rainbow trouts, chubs and much more. Season on salmonids is between 1.3. and 31.10.. Regardless of the time, the best flies for fishing are known to be streamers and nymphs. However, the best moments that a fisherman can experience, are between April and October when you can fish on dry flies. Fishing in the river Reka is known to be challenging and demanding, so fishermen need to be patient and cautious. Before you go fishing, look for the information on flow rate. The best is between 2 and 8 m³/s.

Daily licence: 20€



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