Short guide through the river Tržiška Bistrica

The Tržiška Bistrica is 27 km long alpine river, which springs above the town Jelendol in the mountain Karavanke (1460 m above sea level), near the Slovenian-Austrian border, flows through Tržič and in the vicinity of the village Podbrezje as a left tributary flows into the Sava (370 m). Its water basin measures ​​146 km² and is rich in fish, dominated by brown and rainbow trouts in the lower part – from the dam on the highway by graylings as well..

The Tržiška Bistrica is a beautiful “alpine type” river, which is crystal clean and clear, suitable for all lovers of fly fishing. The upper part from the spring to Jelendol is also a breeding districtt as well as all the tributaries except the lower part of the creek Mošenik.

Access to the river is quite simple – we recommend the following points to start fishing:

• The settlement Podbrezje – Fishing lodge of the RD Tržič. From here you can hunt downstream to the outflow of the River Sava or upstream to camp Trnovec. This route is about 4 km long with many tresholds and deeper pools. Said part is simply passable. Given the relatively clean and shallow water, the fish are very timid! The river is up to 10 meters wide.
• From camp “Trnovec” we can fish up and down the water.There is enough space for parking in the camp as well as on their local road or in a parking lot of the camp itself. The terrain is relatively easily accessible, landscaped paths are along the channel on both the left and right side of the water.
• The next higher location is at the sawmill in Retnje. Here the Bistrica makes several pools and dams, especially near the guesthouse Smuk downstream. Upstream towards the villages of Mlaka and Loka in Tržič, the Bistrica is already running very near these settlements but is still interesting for fishing and water access is possible from both the left and right side.
• We are already in the suburbs of Tržič in Mlaka. Access by car and parking space for fisherman are not a problem. The area here, mainly upstream, is already crowded and channel is deeper so that access to water is only possible in some places. Fishing in this area is a real pleasure because smaller pools and dams make suitable habitat for trouts.
• The centre of Tržič itself, where fishermen like to come to tempt many beautiful specimens of brown trouts in particular, which are even visible from many bridges. Access to water is possible in few locations. At the confluence of the Tr. Bistrica with the creek Mošenik (Balos): fishermen who purchase a ticket for both the river and the creek can fly fish upstream on the Mošenik up to the old slaughterhouse of Tržič.. (About 1 km). Water is clean, shallow, with multiple thresholds and smaller pools where the cautious, even trophy size, trouts hide. Another possible location is in the centre of Tržič, in the parking lot in front of the municipality where access to the Bistrica is only possible by metal stairs.
• The settlement Čadovlje near Tržič, on the road to Jelendol. Here the Bistrica is already mostly in the canyon – with the exception of minor accumulation at the hydropower plant. The water is clean and flows across numerous thresholds or larger rocks that create small pools. Due to the crystal clear and shallow water, the fish are very timid. There are not many options for parking but to leave the car next to the extended parts of the road
• The gorge Dovžanova soteska – this is the pearl of the Tržiška Bistrica and is located a few kilometers north of the town Tržič, right in the heart of the Karavanke. Wild stream of the Tržiška Bistrica has carved a deep gorge for millenia, creating a wonderful habitat both brown and rainbow trouts.

The period between April and October on the Bistrica is a real experience every time. Indispensable artificial flies that at this time you should have with you are mostly various nymphs, dry flies and streamers.
In the warmer part of the season gammaruses have been very successful, in the evenings various soft hackle flies or larger dry flies.
It is recommended to use fly fishing rods from # 2 to # 6

In conclusion I would say that the Tržiška Bistrica is a big challenge for every fly fisherman and every effort is richly rewarded with magnificent catches mainly of brown trouts.
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