The river Sava

(from the outflow of the creek Črni potok to the outflow of the creek Blanščica)

Fishing family Sevnica

This district consists of the power plant reservoirs. The water is running slow. The depths go up to 12 m. The water is rich in cyprinids - common nase, Danube roach, chubbarbel, common bream, vimba vimba fish, bleak...Due to plenty of food  numerous predatory fish can be found, especially catfish, pike and zander. First class specimen can be caught foremost in the waterfalls of the hydropower plants Boštanj and Blanca and at the outflow of the river Mirna. The accessability is excellent due to well managed paths on the both banks and it is possible to reach your fishing spot with almost any vehicle. There are plenty access points on the banks of the Sava where you can even put the boat into the water.

  • Possibility of fishing barbel, bleak, brown trout, catfish, common bream, common carp, common nase, european chub, pike, rainbow trout, vimba bream, zander
  • Type of fishing boat angling, bottom fishing, float fishing, fly fishing, spin fishing, spin fishing with bubble float
  • Allowed baits artificial baits, artificial fly, baits of animal origin, baits of plant origin
  • Type of water running water
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