How does the website work?

On the homepage of you can find your favourite type of fishing, fish, region, and type of water. Before purchasing the ticket note all the information available such as the number of already sold tickets for the desired date, weather forecast and similar.

When you decide on the location you think is the best, click on the “Buy” in the next step choose the date of fishing and you can also add the fishing licence for your friend. Before purchasing be careful what is allowed in the given district, which baits and types of fishing are allowed and also what is the total allowable catch. Before purchasing you are requested to log in/register on the website. Whole purchase can be done on the website. Payment is possible with credit cards, Paypal and eWallet (credit in the user's account). Read more about eWallet here.

Once you purchase the ticket for the freshwater fishing and before the actual fishing date you have to save it to your smartphone or print it out (it is clearly marked on each and every licence on its top right corner, whether you need to print it out or not). If you bought the ticket for the seawater fishing from the boat YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PRINT THE PERMIT, only write down the unique code written on the bought ticket that looks like RKxxxxxx. The licence for the sea fishing must be bought at least one hour before the fishing.

Fishing and verification
Before going freshwater fishing make sure your fishing permit for the selected day is saved to your smartphone or printed out. If you go seawater fishing make sure you wrote down the unique code written on your permit that looks like RKxxxxxxx. With any fishing permit, you also have to present your ID to verify the permit is yours (your information will be displayed on the permit).

The licence for the sea fishing must be bought at least one hour before the fishing.

In case you are asked to show the permit you also have to show your ID. The guard will check the validity of the ticket via SMS.
NOTE: Fishing ticket cannot be falsified due to the complexity of the system on Falsifying permits is an offence in Slovenia.

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