Fishing family Soča

Fishing family

ADDRESS Soška cesta 50, 5250 Solkan
PHONE +386 (0)53 00-58-01

The RD Soča Nova Gorica has been in existance since 1952 and manages the lower course of the river Soča - from the outflow of the creek Vogršček to the state boreder with Italy - with all the tributaries and creeks in  the hills Goriška brda where the reservoir Kozlink is also situated. You can find some indigenous salmonids in the river Soča : marble trouts and graylings as well as hybrids between marble and brown trout. The cyprinid family is represented by european chub ( known as chub), italian barbel (known as barbel) and tench. In the reservoir Kozlink you can find bred carps, european chubs, bleaks, grey silver carps, pikes,.... We are the only fishing family on the Soča in whose districts  it is allowed to  spin fish for trouts due to its water structure and this is the main reason we can offer the fishermen and tourists very interesting fishing for salmonids and cyprinids. Our fishing family also breeds marble trouts for years and we are very proud of it. We manage the fish farm which is meant for breeding of young marble trouts and we have a place where the marble trouts spawn and are bred  from roe to younglings and are consequently put in into the Soča or into the breedeng streams. We also regularly put in the younglings of mediterranean grayling ; its population steadily grows and makes us proud. For the satisfaticon of needs of recreative fishing we put in grown rainbow trouts. Regarding all the problems we had due to hydropower plants and other external factors the fish stock is satisfactory and offers the fishermen varied but complex fishing. Due to the water structure of our basin you can find extremely large  marble trouts in our district which is being confired by catches from year to year. The spin fishing technique offers special charms while fishing for top predatory fish but it is also very interesting for fishermen who fly fish : everything catches the fly - from italian barbel to marble trout and every fisherman can be satisfied. We also offer fishing in the reservoir dams Solkan and Ajba where you can fish with fishing boats on paddles or eletricity. The RD Soča tends to increase the stock of indigenous fish species in every watercourse, mainly by increasing the works in the fish farm and acquiring our own tribal flock of marble trouts from our own waters. We have to put our longterm experiences and wide knowledge in use and with tight cooperation with the neighbouring RDs and our profession, we can make our ambitious plans true.    

Akumulacija Kozlink

The reservoir Kozlink

Fishing family Soča

  • Fishing options common carp, european chub, Italian Chub, rainbow trout, silver carp
  • Type of fishing bottom fishing, float fishing
  • Allowed baits baits of animal origin, baits of plant origin, bread
  • Type of water standing water
Soča 8

The river Soča

(from the outflow of the creek Vogršček to the state border with Italy)

Fishing family Soča

  • Fishing options brown trout, european chub, grayling, hybrids, italian barbel, Italian Chub, marble trout, rainbow trout
  • Type of fishing boat angling, float fishing, fly fishing, spin fishing
  • Allowed baits artificial fly, bread, cheese, corn, fruit, plug, silicone bait, spoon lures
  • Type of water running water
The river Idrija

The river Idrija

Fishing family Soča

  • Fishing options brown trout, hybrids, Italian Chub, marble trout, rainbow trout
  • Type of fishing fly fishing
  • Allowed baits artificial fly
  • Type of water running water