How to pay your fishing licence with the eWallet?

EWallet is an elegant, safe and quick solution for purchasing a fishing licence on the web portal. It is suitable for those users who do not have a credit card, do not want to use other payment methods and buy fishing licences more often.

What is eWallet?

Using the eWallet is easy. It works as a credit. After charging, the charging amount appears in the user account. Fishing licenses can be purchased by the user until he makes use of the credit. You can add credit at any time to your eWallet. The status is visible in the individual user account.

How to fill my eWallet

Filling the eWallet is possible by direct transferring to our IBAN or by ordering a gift voucher and then recharging with the code written on it.

1. Direct transfer to IBAN
Contact us at and we will send you the information for the transfer, and the credit will be visible as soon as we see the inflow or you will send us a confirmation of payment. This completes the process for you, and you can continue purchasing a license.

2. With a purchase of the gift voucher
You can order a gift voucher here: Upon request, you will receive a gift for the next procedure. When you pay a gift card, we send it to you. The voucher contains the amount, validity date, and the 18-digit code you need to charge your e-Wallet. You can fill it in this manner:
  1. Click on "My Account" in the top menu
  2. In the left menu, click on the "eWallet" To fill with a gift voucher, enter the 18-digit code in the input field and press the "Fill" button. The eWallet is now been filled.
How to pay with eWallet?

  1. Choose the district, licence and date of fishing
  2. The site redirects you to the purchase process
  3. Under point 3, choose a payment method
  4. Choose eWallet (the option in the middle)
You must also enter a security code before confirming.

What is a security code and where to acquire it?

A security code is the process of verifying your identity and is intended for your additional security. Use it shortly before completing the purchase of the licence when you pay with the eWallet. To get a security code, click on the "eWallet" menu on your profile, then click on the "View" button.

To display the security code, you must type in your password in the field, which you use to log in to your personal account on the web portal. If you buy frequently, you can save the security code on a paper (and store it in a safe place).

Always check the data during the purchase process after entering the security code and confirm the purchase by clicking on the "Make payment" button. You will then be redirected to a page that will guide you through further steps to the successfully purchased licence.

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