The creek Bistrica

Fishing family Sevnica

This district is typically salmonid in character but you can find some chubs, mediterranean barbels or barbels that swimm to the creek from the Mirna.

The creek is very rich in water, it springs in the southern part of the Dolenjsko gričevje hills.  Its entire current runs through vast forests and scarcely habitated areas.  Only in its last part, approximately 2 km before the outflow into the Mirna, near Šentrupert, it slows down coming to the plane. Brown trouts are being put in in the creek in regular intervals; some years ago even the brook trouts had been put in ; they survived and now reproduce naturally.

  • Possibility of fishing brook trout, brown trout
  • Type of fishing fly fishing, spin fishing
  • Allowed baits artificial fly, silicone bait, spoon lures
  • Type of water running water
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