Zveza za športni ribolov na morju Slovenije (ZŠRMS)

ADDRESS Cesta Zore Perello Godina 3, 6000 Koper
PHONE +386 (0) 31 76-01-15
E-MAIL info@zsrm-slo.org

The ZŠRMS - Zveza za športni ribolov na morju Slovenije- The Slovene Recreational Sea Fishing Association is the head organization of the recreational sea fishing. The most important tasks this association wants to fullfill are following: 1. To ensure the future of the organization through new legislation. 2. To cooperate with the state,  ministries, governmental or non-governmental organizations. 3. To cooperate with fishing community. 4. To fully develop the business strategy . 5. To be at service for all the fishing associations. 6. To have an organized structure of business actions, internal organization, finances and leadership. 7. To be active in environmental protection. 8.To manage the fishlife and to have a programme and plan for this management. 9. To have all the employees professionally trained. 10. To encourage the younger generations. 11. To be active on international level. 12. To promote fishing tourism. 13. To arrange fishing competitions. 14. To have publishing activities (newsletter, bulletin, publication...). 15. To ensure good public relations. 16. To keep fishing traditions and fishing museum. 17. To have internal laws and acts. 18. To work with modern information technology and systems.

Slovenian sea

The sea of Slovenia

(sea fishing)

Fishing family Zveza za športni ribolov na morju Slovenije (ZŠRMS)

  • Fishing options annular seabream, atlantic bonito, atlantic horse mackerel, atlantic mackerel, bogue, common cuttlefish, common pandora, European conger, european seabass, gilt-head bream, mullets, picarel, piper gurnard, salema porgy, sand steenbras, sea needle (garfish), squid, whiting
  • Type of fishing boat angling
  • Allowed baits artificial baits, baits of animal origin, baits of plant origin
  • Type of water sea