The river Meža

(commercial district, from where the Meža meets the Mislinja to the Mislinja's outflow into the Drava)

Fishing family Koroška

This district is considered as mixed type so basically it is populated only by cyprinids and salmonids. It is meant for commercial purposes only. The fishing is allowed using only one fly rod and one artificial fly and it is desired to use only hooks without barbs or with barbs pressed. The allowed daily catch is three trouts or one over 50 cm and two smaller ones.This commercial district expands from the old wooden bridge-approximately 300m up from where the Meža meets the Mislinja to the Mislinja's outflow into the Drava. It is approximately 2 km long. From the salmonid family there are indigenous brown trouts and graylings to be found. Due to commercial purpose of the district about 800 kg of american trout has been added. This district is very rich in fish and more fishermen are coming all the time. It is even possible to catch a grayling between 30 and 45 cm, sometimes even over 50 cm! You can also find beautiful common nases, barbel and chubs here and that elevates the fishing adrenalin . The allowed baits are only the artificial fly or streamer.

  • Possibility of fishing
  • Type of fishing
  • Allowed baits
  • Type of water running water
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