Carp fishing in Slovenia

In the fishing world, Slovenia is more famous as a fly fishing destination, but it also offers many rivers, ponds and lakes, suitable for carp fishing. In various districts, there are beautiful carp, both cultivated and wild, which are caught very often in the recent years. The informal record of the caught carp in Slovenia still carries the Šmartinsko Lake, where the carp was caught at the end of 2013, weighing over 34 kg. The average weight of fish caught in commercial fisheries ranges from 10 to 20 kg, while fishermen also report a few fish caught in the course of the year weighing around 30 kg. The fish are large and from year to year they are bigger. On the other hand, river carp fishing offers a different, wild experience. Carps are smaller and more demanding, therefore such fishing is something special. The average weight of those fish is between 5 and 10 kg.

The carp season usually starts in April and lasts until November, sometimes even longer. Fishing of cultivated carp is allowed on most of the districts throughout the year, except in the case of spawning and when the water is frozen. Fishing under the ice is prohibited in Slovenia. Fishing season and other special features are always listed on the valid fishing licence.

The best rivers and our proposal

Among the best lakes and ponds for carp fishing in Slovenia are Vogršček, Mola, Slivniško lake, Barn gravel pond, Gajševsko lake, Pristava pond, Hoče gravel pit, Šmartinsko lake. On the latter, there is a route with fishing spots that you can book. Among the best rivers are Izica, Ljubljanica, Krka, Pivka, Vipava and Sava. In addition to the aforementioned waters, there are dozens of interesting small ponds in Slovenia, where many carp live, but they are usually smaller (up to about 5 kg). Nevertheless, the fishermen can catch small specimens of up to 10 or 15 kg of weight. We suggest you take a look and visit also these places: Gradiško lake, Opekarna ponds, pond Boštanj, pond Preserje, pond Blato, ponds in Konjišče, pond Pivola.

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