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Predatory fish

The river Reka

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  • Possibility of fishing (Min length, Fishing season) pike ( 50cm , 05-01 - 01-31 ) , zander ( 50cm , 06-01 - 02-28 )
  • Allowed baits artificial fly, plug, spoon lures
  • Type of fishing fly fishing, spin fishing
  • Allowed catch (ATTENTION: it is necessary to consider the minimal length and the fishing season for each individual species!) Pike 1X or zander 1X

  • Restrictions
    The fishing for predatory fish is allowed as fly or spin fishing with the use of plug over 11 cm or spoon lures number 5 or bigger , with hooks with pressed barbs, mandatory use of the steel cord, the boat angling and fishing from bridges is forbidden

  • Fishing area
    The river Reka from the bridge on the main road in the village of Zabiče to the caves Škocjanske jame ( except in Catch and release district-see map) including the tributary Molja and the backwater Velika mrtvica(across the factory Lesonit). The fishing in other tributaries is forbidden.

  • Permitted period of fishing from dawn to dusk
  • Seller Fishing family Bistrica
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