Bistum Gurk

ADDRESS Schlossallee 6 , 9313 St. Georgen am Längsee
PHONE +43 4213 2046

In the lovely landscape of Central Carinthia lies in the middle of the protected area a nice lake, approximately 75 hectares large. The pristine shores, with large water lily and reed belts, where many rare species of birds still have their nesting sites, make fishing in the Längsee a special nature experience at 550m above sea level. The lake has a maximum depth of about 21 meters and has a shoreline length of over 3.8 km. East of the Längsee is the St. Georgen Abbey, a part of the Diocese of Gurk, in which an educational building and a hotel are housed. South of the lake lies the picturesque castle Hochosterwitz. The excellent water quality allows water temperatures to rise up to 27 ° C. Carp can be fished all year-round. You are welcome to hire boats at your own risk for the period from May to October in the Castle Bath, as long as there is free space and written permission has been obtained.



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