Stadtgemeinde Völkermarkt

ADDRESS Hauptplatz 1, 9100 Völkermarkt
PHONE +43 4232 2571 47

The fishing district of the municipality Völkermarkt is located on the left bank of the Völkermarkter reservoir and covers a total length of 12,440 m. The fish water extends from the Draubrücke 3 km upriver in the direction of Tainach and after the dam in the direction of Lavamünd to the mouth of the Lorenzibaches (first stream on the left bank).

Drau Völkermarkter Stausee linksufrig

Left bank of the Völkermarkt reservoir

(Drau river)

Stadtgemeinde Völkermarkt

  • Fishing options barbel, catfish, common carp, common nase, pike, rainbow trout, zander
  • Type of fishing boat angling, bottom fishing, float fishing, spin fishing
  • Allowed baits artificial baits, baits of animal origin, baits of plant origin
  • Type of water running water