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Left bank of the Völkermarkt reservoir

(Drau river)

Manager Stadtgemeinde Völkermarkt

The fishing district of the municipality Völkermarkt is located on the left bank of the Völkermarkter reservoir and covers a total length of 12,440 m. The fish water extends from the Draubrücke 3 km upriver in the direction of Tainach and after the dam in the direction of Lavamünd to the mouth of the Lorenzibaches (first stream on the left bank).

Fishing guests who spend their holidays in the municipality of Völkermarkt and have their guest registration card, receive a discount on the fishing licence (except annual and official guest fishing licences). Fishing licences are available year-round at the Tourist Office of Stadtgemeinde Völkermarkt and at the issuing offices from April to October each year. Annual fishery licences are only available in the tourist office of the municipality Völkermarkt (limited number of season licences).

  • Possibility of fishing
  • Type of fishing
  • Allowed baits
  • Type of water running water
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