The creek Polskava

(from the confluence of the Mala Polskava to the bridge on the road Slovenska Bistrica-Pragersko)

Fishing family Slovenska Bistrica

The creek Polskava is 40km long. It springs in mountain Pohorje near the peak Areh, flows past Šmartno na Pohorju, Zgornja Polskava, Spodnja Polskava, Pragersko, Lovrenc na Dravskem polju and then flows into the Dravinja at Videm as its left tributary.

The Polskava brings down the clear waters from the mountain Pohorje which are home to cyprinid as well as salmonid fish species; the latter you can fly fish for .Brown trouts reign in the area above the lake Lahovo jezero, under the bridge on the local road Maribor-Celje some chubs can also be found.

  • Possibility of fishing brown trout, european chub
  • Type of fishing fly fishing
  • Allowed baits artificial fly, streamer
  • Type of water running water
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