The pond Razvanje


Fishing family Maribor

The pond was made while digging for clay for the brickyard. The close proximity of Maribor gives it some special charm , after all the bus stop for the local bus is only few hundred meters away. The fishing places are neatly designed and all the surroundings resemble the city park. Some first class carps, little islands made of willows that are pond's attraction offer enough challanges to every recreational fisherman. The ponds - the old and the new part - are in the close proximity of the city, are full of some first class carp and many crucian carps as well. The pond is easy to access and offers even some shadows in summer heat.

  • Possibility of fishing blue catfish, common carp, gibel carp
  • Type of fishing float fishing
  • Allowed baits baits of animal origin, baits of plant origin, briquettes, composting worm, corn
  • Type of water standing water
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