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Due to the fishing competition, the competition stretch LKO Loče is closed for fishing from May 11th-13th 2018, from June 08th-10th 2018, from September 7th-9th 2018. Thank you for your understanding. Members must bring with the membership card and yearly fishing licence. Fishing is forbidden when the surface of the lake is frozen. It is forbidden to transport the bait with a boat or remotely controlled boat to the fishing spot. Drones are strictly forbidden! One may use a boat to transport the feed to the fishing spot or to handle the hooked fish. Fish landing from the boat is strictly forbidden!
Information about chosen period:
2018-03-24 2018-03-25 : sold 2 e-licenses
2018-03-25 2018-03-26 : sold 2 e-licenses

Did you know?

For fishing from the coast in the Slovenian sea, you do not need fishing licenses.

Catch and release - night

The lake Šmartinsko jezero

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Type of licence


  • Possibility of fishing common carp , grass carp
  • Allowed baits artificial baits, baits of animal origin, baits of plant origin
  • Type of fishing bottom fishing, float fishing
  • Allowed catch Catch and release

  • Restrictions
    The fishing is allowed with 2 rods with one bait tied to a single hook. The maximum of daily feed is 5 kg - only up to 1 kg of the feed can be of the animal origin. It is forbidden to have larger quantities of feed with you! The zig rigs and shock leaders are forbidden. The basic fishing line must be at least 0,30 mm; the length of the leader wire 30 cm maximum. It is forbidden to keep live fish.

  • Fishing area
    From the spawning place at the farm Toplak to the carp bay and in the woods between old (submerged) quarry and the beginning of the meadow (bay) across the fishing lodge (see map!).

  • Permitted period of fishing From dusk to dawn
  • Seller Fishing family Celje
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