The river Rašica

(from the confluence of the Robarka and the Kovparca to the subterranean river in Ponikve)

Fishing family Ribnica

The river Rašica flows through the city of Rašica, the place that is mostly recognized as the birth place of Primož Trubar. Rašica district includes the valley of the creeks: the Rašica, the Robarica, the Veliki Graben ( Mišja dolina) and the Kozmanjka together with side valleys of even smaller creeks ( the Kobilji curek, the črna voda, the Črni graben, the Stara voda, the Kališki potok, the Kozmanjka, the Podlešćica, the Kozarščica etc, ) up to the place where the water goes underground in the village Ponikve. The bogs are low, the marshy and humid meadows are extensively treated or abandoned, the moorlands are surrounded with sedges and reeds, flooded forests, shrubs and hedges; the vegetation on the banks is herbs, shrubs and trees; the warm and moist valleys grow light, young stands of mostly great ash and aspen trees; the macadam roads and other bare surfaces ( sandy, rocky) entwine, the dry meadows are treated well and the forest envelopes the slopes. The waters of the Rašica are home to brown trouts, wild rainbow trouts, chubs and graylings.

  • Possibility of fishing brown trout, european chub, rainbow trout
  • Type of fishing float fishing, fly fishing, spin fishing, spin fishing with bubble float
  • Allowed baits artificial baits, artificial fly, baits of plant origin
  • Type of water running water
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