The river Pesnica

Fishing family Ptuj

At the first sight the river Pesnica looks like a smaller creek but when the heavy autumn rains fall it rises high and threatens to flood the protection embankments that were made when the river was regulated. Those quantities of water dug a river channel full of caves-an ideal hiding place for some first class catfish or carps.The river Pesnica with its narrow channel is suitable for fishermen who want to spend a quiet day fishing smoothly in the valley Pesniška dolina.

Due to thick vegetation it is rather difficult to access the channel and if the wether is bad the best choice is to leave your vehicle somewhere along the road-field path covered with gravel,

  • Possibility of fishing barbel, catfish, common bream, common nase, european chub, pike, vimba bream
  • Type of fishing bottom fishing, float fishing, fly fishing, spin fishing
  • Allowed baits artificial baits, baits of animal origin, baits of plant origin, plug, silicone bait, spoon lures, streamer
  • Type of water running water
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