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Valid for Nanoščica 2
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Valid for Nanoščica 2
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Nanoščica 2

Fishing family Postojna

The Nanoščica originates as a stream Globoščak under the Nanos Mountain, after which the river was named. The main tributaries of Nanoščica are the Žabovec stream, Šmiheljski potok, Koretan and numerous smaller tributaries, which supplies it with water. The river is of a torrential nature and is rapidly flowing and flooding during the precipitation period, which is its characteristic throughout the river basin. As soon as it grows, it also very soon return to its riverbed, which is natural and intact. On the plains the river is calm, it is full of beautiful meanders, deep pools full of various fish. It is interesting to note that the average weight of pike that are caught in Nanoščica is over 3 kilograms. In its surroundings, we notice a kingfisher, corn crake and other wild animals.

  • Possibility of fishing common carp, common nase, european chub, pike, tench
  • Type of fishing bottom fishing, float fishing, fly fishing, spin fishing
  • Allowed baits artificial baits, baits of plant origin, boilies, bread, cheese, corn, fruit
  • Type of water running water
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