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WARNING! Fishing is not allowed from 2018-02-01 to 2018-04-30
Not in the fishing season
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The fishing for pike with dead or live fish is strictly forbidden as well as the keeping of live fish to use them as baits. Open fire is forbidden. After the fishing, tidy up the spot and pack the garbage.
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2018-03-25: sold 0 e-licenses

Did you know?

The fossil fish from the genus Birgeria, measuring 84 cm in length, was found in triassic beds below Triglav mountain. The fossil age was estimated at around 230 million years.

Predatory fish (Catch and release)

The lake Mola

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Type of licence


  • Possibility of fishing pike , catfish , zander
  • Allowed baits artificial baits, artificial fly
  • Type of fishing boat angling, fly fishing, spin fishing
  • Allowed catch Catch and release

  • Restrictions
    The use of steel leader wire is obligatory when you spin fish. The use of motorboats ( except the ones on electricity) is not allowed. The fishing is allowed with one rod. You can fly or spin fish for predatory fish using artificial fly, or using baits (wobblers, silicon fish lures) over 10cm or with spoon lures nr.5 and up with hooks with barbs pressed. It is mandatory to use barbless hooks or hooks with pressed barbs.

  • Fishing area
    The district extends to the whole reservoir, except for spawning places.

  • Permitted period of fishing From dawn to dusk
  • Seller Fishing family Bistrica
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