The licence has to be printed out before fishing, the angler must carry it with in paper form during fishing.


Fishing is only allowed with an escort of the local member of the Fishing family Barje. The fishing is strictly forbidden when the lake is frozen. The combination of float fishing and bottom fishing is also forbidden! This district is known for brown bears, so fishing is done at your own responsibility! You must fully consider the times when the individual fish species are not in the season.
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Did you know?

Huchen reaches 100 cm in length only at the age of 8 or 9 years.

C&R -1-day

The lake Strahomer

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  • Possibility of fishing common rudd , roach , common bream , perch , tench , common carp , crucian carp , european chub , grass carp
  • Allowed baits artificial baits, baits of plant origin, boilies, composting worm, maggots
  • Type of fishing bottom fishing, float fishing
  • Allowed catch Catch and release

  • Restrictions
    Float fishing: one rod allowed. Groundfishing: 2 rods allowed. Allowed: feeding with rocket, slingshot, cobra, a marker with a rod, camo tent, gas stove. The total amount of the feed is 5kg a day. Obligatory: disinfecting the net in the prepared antiseptic, bringing your own garbage bags, hand net at least 90cm, mat, antiseptic, back-lead weight, barbless hooks. Forbidden: feeding with raw baits and feeding from the boat or remote controlled vessels, fixed markers, keeping the fish in nets, zig-rig systems, cutting the branches. Open fire is allowed only in certain places.

  • Fishing area
    The fishing district is on the entire surfce of the lake without tributaries and drains.

  • Permitted period of fishing From dawn to dusk
  • Seller Fishing family Barje
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