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WARNING! Fishing is not allowed from 2017-11-01 to 2018-03-31
not in the fishing season
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Did you know?

In the case of freshwater fishing, it is prohibited to use a fish keeping net basket. Keeping fish in them is forbidden.

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  • Possibility of fishing (Min length, Fishing season) Italian Chub ( 30cm , 07-01 - 04-30 ) , italian barbel ( 30cm , 07-01 - 04-30 )
  • Allowed baits bread, cheese, corn, fruit
  • Type of fishing boat angling, float fishing
  • Allowed catch (ATTENTION: it is necessary to consider the minimal length and the fishing season for each individual species!) The limit of the daily catch is 5 kg ( when the limit is crossed, the fishing ends - the number of fish doesn't matter). You can take 5 cyprinids on the day of fishing.

  • Restrictions
    The fishing is forbidden in the reservation, from the dam Solkan 200m upstream ( marked with boards).From the reservation of the hydropower plant Solkan to the water pumping station Prelesje (the lake Solkansko jezero) it is allowed to fish for cyprinids with cheese, bread, fruits and corn, in other places only fruits are allowed.The use of boat is allowed in the dam Solkan (from the reservation to the end of the hydropower plant Plave 1) and in the dam Ajba (from the dam to the road bridge in Doblar).

  • Fishing area
    From the outflow of the creek Vogršček to the state border with Italy, except in reservation.

  • Permitted period of fishing From dawn to dusk
  • Seller Fishing family Soča
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