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On the part of the river Reka from Fežnar's dam to Cerkvenik's mill ( measuring device) we have CATCH AND RELEASE SYSTEM. The district is marked accordingly ( signs). It is forbidden to take the fish home and is absolutely neccesary to return it to water unharmed. The fisherman has no right to have any caught fish on himself here( even if he did catch it in the allowed part of the river). Open fire is forbidden. After the fishing, tidy up the spot and pack the garbage.
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Did you know?

The books "The Glory of the Duchy of Carniola", the life-work of Baron Janez Vajkard Valvazor, mention also the various rivers, fishing and a number of freshwater fish species, such as huchens, tench, trout and so on.


The river Reka

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  • Possibility of fishing (Min length, Fishing season) rainbow trout ( 25cm , 03-01 - 10-31 ) , marble trout ( 60cm , 04-01 - 09-30 ) , brown trout ( 30cm , 04-01 - 09-30 ) , hybrids ( 60cm , 04-01 - 09-30 )
  • Allowed baits artificial fly
  • Type of fishing fly fishing, spin fishing with bubble float
  • Allowed catch (ATTENTION: it is necessary to consider the minimal length and the fishing season for each individual species!) 2 trouts- maximum 1 marble or 1 hybrid

  • Restrictions
    The fishing for salmonids is allowed as fly fishing with fly rod that only has one artificial fly attached. It is mandatory to use barbless hooks or hooks with pressed barbs. In the fly fishing district Catch and release the fisherman has no right to have any caught fish on himself, even if he did catch it where it was allowed.

  • Fishing area
    The fishing on the river Reka is allowed from the bridge in Zabiče to the Škocjanske jame, in the Molja stream from the reservoir Mola to the outflow in the river Reka, on the Dolenjski potok to the outflow in to the Molja upstream to the first bridge, on the Velika mrtvica across the Lesonit company, on the Padež from the water supply reservoir to the outflow into the river Reka.

  • Permitted period of fishing from dawn to dusk
  • Seller Fishing family Bistrica
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