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When preparing the mix for feeding, be careful to use natural ingredients only, which have been prepared in appropriate manner. Avoid artificial and irritating substances.

Catch and take (predatory fish)

The lake Šmartinsko jezero

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  • Possibility of fishing (Min length, Fishing season) pike ( 50cm , 05-01 - 01-31 ) , catfish ( 60cm , 07-01 - 04-30 ) , zander ( 50cm , 06-01 - 02-29 )
  • Allowed baits artificial baits, baits of animal origin, baits of plant origin
  • Type of fishing boat angling, bottom fishing, float fishing, spin fishing
  • Allowed catch (ATTENTION: it is necessary to consider the minimal length and the fishing season for each individual species!) 2 X catfish or 1 X pike or 1 X zander

  • Restrictions
    The fishing for catfish is allowed using artificial baits and baits of animal and vegetable origin (except dead fish) from 01.03 to 30.04. It is forbidden to use dead fish as a bait, except when fishing for the catfish after 1st of July, and of min. length of 15 cm. The fishing for catfish, zander and pike is allowed with dragging from the boat or spin fishing only -in the period from 16.10 to 30.11. You can use up to 3 hooks while fishing for predatory fish.

  • Fishing area
    On the entire surface of the lake, except on the market spawning places. Fishing is forbidden from the ponton bridge and on the fishing spots, dedicated for the reservation (see the map!).

  • Permitted period of fishing From dawn to dusk
  • Seller Fishing family Celje
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