The river Rupovščica

Fishing family Kranj

The little river Rupovščica collects its waters from the west side of the Storžiško hribovje hills. The springs are on the 600 to 1000 m altitude. The biggest water inflows come from the Milka, the Stražnica and the Goričnica from the left side of the Storžiško hribovje hills, from the right side the ones that contribute the water are the Želinski stream and the Novaki, from the Udenboršt plateau.

We call the upper stream-from Golnik to the confluence with the Stražnica at Tenetiše -Parovnica, the area down the stream to the confluence with the Milka at Bobovek we call Kokrica, but only the last part of those three km , past Kokrica, Ilovka and Rupe is called Rupovščica.

In this part of the river- from the dam to the outflow at former mill- you can find a lot of graylings, besides brown trouts, rainbow trouts and chubs. Above the dam, there is the most beautiful part of the watercourse- the canyon- which is very hard to access. Underneath the former mill on Kokrica there are pools, up to 5 m deep. In the waters in Kokrica you can find percoidei, carps, roaches and common rudds , tenches, pikes and even catfish.

  • Possibility of fishing brown trout, european chub, grayling, rainbow trout
  • Type of fishing fly fishing
  • Allowed baits artificial fly
  • Type of water running water
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