Is it possible to purchase a valid fishing ticket on Ribiskekarte.si?
Yes, Ribiskekarte.si is the first and the only valid way of online purchase of fishing tickets in Slovenia.

Can foreigners purchase a fishing ticket on Ribiskekarte.si?
Yes, purchase of fishing tickets or reservation of the fishing date on Ribiskekarte.si is available to everyone as the website is available in various languages.

Are there any special requirements for foreign fishermen in Slovenia?
No, there are no special requirements. Beside the printed fishing ticket for the freshwater fishing or the unique code (written on the bought ticket (RKxxxxxxxxx)) for the seawater fishing you only have to carry your ID.

Do I need to print out the ticket myself?
YES, when you go fishing in the freshwater, you have to print out the ticket you recieve after the online purchase. If you go fishing in the seawater you DON'T have to print the permit, you only have to have the unique code (RKxxxxxxxxx) of the bought ticket with you.

How can i purchase the fishing permit on Ribiskekarte.si?
The licence for the sea fishing must be bought at least one hour before the fishing. After selecting the desired fishing family /district (this is location of your fishing) you click the “Purchase” and select the payment method. Once you do that you will see digital fishing permit which you have to print out yourself or just write it down unique code (RKxxxxxxxxx) if you go seawater fishing.. Before purchasing you have to login /register on the website.

How can I pay? / Which payment methods are available?
You can pay with all major credit cards and with Maestro card (if your bank allows it).

What do I have to carry with myself all the time? / What do I have to show to the guard?
On the day of the freshwater fishing you should carry a valid printed fishing permit and a valid ID. If you go seawater fishing all you need is a unique code which is written on your ticket and looks like this: RKxxxxxxx and valid ID.

Is purchasing on Ribiskekarte.si safe?
Purchasing on Ribiskekarte.si is 100% secure due to the latest security technology. Our servers are protected with the most strict safety criteria, as well. We value your privacy. We guard your personal information which will not be entrusted to a third party.

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