Terms and conditions of business with gift vouchers

Terms and conditions of business with gift vouchers

Publisher: TERRA NULLIUS, skupina za spletno kreativnost, d. o. o. (abbreviated firm: Terra Nullius, d. o. o.), Bobovo pri Ponikvi 9, 3232 Ponikva, registered office no. 6160930000, VAT ID SI83578986, entered in the court register at the District Court in Ljubljana under filing no. 2012/19516 with share capital of EUR 10,675.67, transaction account opened at Delavska hranilnica d.d. no. SI56 6100 0000 7508 826, represented by director Boštjan Lipnik. The company is liable for VAT.

Version: 1.2
Valid from: 9. 3. 2023

1. Gift vouchers
1.1. Gift vouchers issued by Terra Nullius, d. o. o. are bearer securities in electronic form, equipped with a unique identification number, date of validity, indicated value, signature of the issuer. Gift vouchers are issued by the issuer against payment and enable the payment of goods or services offered by the issuer, exclusively on the portal www.ribiskekarte.si.
1.2. Gift vouchers are available in different values, indicated on each gift voucher.
1.3. Gift vouchers are freely transferable to third parties without restrictions, namely gift vouchers in electronic form by handing over the electronic gift voucher.

2. Points of sale
2.1. Gift vouchers can be purchased via the portal www.ribiskekarte.si in electronic form.

3. Terms of purchase
3.1. Anyone can purchase gift vouchers.
3.2. The purchase of gift vouchers via the online portal www.ribiskekarte.si is only possible on the basis of an advance invoice. The gift certificate will be forwarded to the buyer within five working days after receipt of the inflow to the issuer's transaction account or the buyer's payment receipt. The issuer will send the gift vouchers in electronic form to the buyer's notified email address. Delivery of electronic gift vouchers is free of charge.
3.3. The gift voucher contains all the necessary information and is valid as a cashier's receipt.

4. Validity
4.1. Gift vouchers are active immediately upon receipt and can be redeemed the same day. Gift vouchers are valid for one year from the date of purchase, the validity date is marked on the gift voucher itself.
4.2. Gift vouchers are valid in both electronic and physical (printed) form.

5. Cashing them in
5.1. Gift vouchers can be redeemed to top up the user's prepaid "e-wallet" account on the web portal www.ribiskekarte.si. Redemption of gift vouchers is only possible for registered users of the web portal www.ribiskekarte.si under the conditions that apply to the use of the mentioned web portal (General Terms of Use of the web portal in the currently valid version). Direct payment for the purchase of goods and services offered by the issuer is not possible.
5.2. Under the stated conditions, the issuer undertakes to accept gift vouchers as a means of payment for filling the user's prepaid "e-wallet" account on the web portal www.ribiskekarte.si until their validity period.
5.3. Redemption of gift vouchers in the process of topping up the user's prepaid "e-wallet" account on the web portal www.ribiskekarte.si is possible according to the following procedure:
a) The user must be logged in to the web portal with their username and password.
b) On the "e-wallet" subpage, you must select "redeem a gift voucher" under the "top up e-wallet" option.
c) The user will be redirected to a link where, by entering a unique identification code and confirming the entry, he can top up his e-wallet for the value of the gift voucher.
5.4. Each gift certificate (unique identification code) can only be used once. After completing the e-wallet top-up, the voucher is considered used.
5.5. Payment from the user's prepaid e-wallet account is possible under the conditions specified in the general conditions of use of the web portal www.ribiskekarte.si.

6. Miscellaneous Provisions
6.1. Gift vouchers cannot be returned, exchanged for cash or redeemed. The gift certificate cannot be used to purchase other gift certificates.
6.2. The gift certificate is valid up to and including the expiration date marked on the gift certificate as the validity date (i.e. one year from the date of purchase). The order to top up the user's prepaid "e-wallet" account must be submitted before the voucher expires, later redemption is no longer possible.
6.3. Gift vouchers are not allowed to be transferred (sold) forward.
6.4. It is not allowed to write, erase, erase or correct anything on the gift vouchers, otherwise the gift voucher will be considered invalid.
6.5. The issuer is not responsible for lost or illegally alienated gift vouchers.

7. Misc
7.1. These conditions supplement the general conditions of use of the web portal www.ribiskekarte.si. The latter apply in all cases that are not regulated by the terms of use of gift vouchers.
7.2. When purchasing gift vouchers, the purchaser of gift vouchers agrees to these terms and conditions and the general terms of use of the web portal www.ribiskekarte.si.
7.3. Purchase of goods or the issuer's service with funds in the user's prepaid "e-wallet" account, filled exclusively or partially with redeemed gift vouchers, is possible under the conditions specified in the general conditions of use of the web portal www.ribiskekarte.si.
7.4. The issuer reserves the right to change the conditions for the use of gift vouchers without special notice.

Šentjur, March 9th, 2023